Stego lighting itsenclosures enclosure

Industrial Computer Enclosure Lighting

If your factory or manufacturing facility is dark, we have a bright idea – computer enclosure lighting! Adding a light to an industrial computer enclosure will achieve optimal lighting conditions on the inside of the enclosure.

Within an enclosure, the ability to direct light towards vital electronics helps improve maintenance efficiency. Distributing light throughout a cabinet is advantageous for accessing electronics or performing intricate tasks. The good news: an enclosure light is generally very easy to install. A few of the installation options include: a magnet, a screw (or 2) for din rail or rack channel, or a clip mount.

Popular choices for computer enclosure lighting include a simple on/off switch, a plug, or a motion sensor that can be mounted on the inside of the computer enclosure. The motion sensor eliminates the need to reach into the enclosure to turn on the switch, thus saving time, energy, and money.

Stego lighting itsenclosures enclosureLED lighting offers energy saving technology (low wattage) and has a longer life than previous lighting options (up to 60,000 hours vs. only 5,000 hours). The additional cost for LED lighting will pay for itself in no time!

Computer enclosure lighting also come with the option of integrated electrical outlets built into the unit. The outlets provide a convenient power source that can run internal components, as well as, any tools used while performing maintenance in the enclosure. Eliminate the need for power extension cords, which can become a tripping hazard for employees.

The interior of enclosures can be quite crowded with limited space available. Mount the light in a manner that provides maximum visibility to the internal equipment. Research to confirm that the computer enclosure lighting fixture can be mounted horizontally or vertically inside the enclosure wall.

An enclosure light is a simple accessory that can be a huge help if performing maintenance on a computer and/or for changing labels or media on a barcode printer. By adding a light, an operator will be able to use the computer enclosure or cabinet to its full potential!