Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s):

Questions? Please contact us at 1-800-423-9911,, or click on the Live Chat Button (Monday-Friday from 8-5) with any other questions that you may have.

Q: Do the industrial enclosures require assembly?

A: The majority of ITSENCLOSURES’ products ship completely assembled and ready to use upon arrival.

Q: Are extra shelves available for IceStation enclosures?

A:  Our desktop enclosure come standard with one adjustable shelf and the stand-up enclosures have two or three standard shelves (please review the data sheets). Extra shelf kits are available for purchase for our IceStation computer enclosures.

Q: How do I determine what thermal management option is best for my application?

A: ITSENCLOSURES determines cooling and heating recommendations from a number of factors, including ambient temperatures, enclosure construction and how much heat your equipment will produce inside of our enclosures.  For an accurate recommendation, ITSENCLOSURES suggests filling out a Cooling Requirement Worksheet.

Q: If I purchase a NEMA 12 computer enclosure without the filtered fan system, can I add one later?

A:  The majority of NEMA 12 enclosures are fabricated with fan cutouts.  The cutouts have cover plates installed if a fan system is not purchased.  The covers can easily be removed to add a filtered fan system at a later date.  We suggest filling out a Cooling Requirement Worksheet prior to purchasing for an accurate thermal management recommendation.

Q: When using a filtered fan system does the air exhaust out of the cabinet or pull air into the cabinet?

A: Traditionally, the intake draws the cool air in the bottom of the enclosure and the exhaust blows the hot air out of the top of the enclosure.  Reverse intake or other custom options are available. For more information about cooling, please fill out our Cooling Worksheet and email it to

Q: What is the largest panel mount monitor that can be used in the TITAN (IS603027-12) computer enclosure?

A:  The largest panel mount monitor for a TITAN is a 22″ widescreen. ITSENCLOSURES recommends you provide the make and model number of the panel mount monitor you wish to use to confirm the proper fit.

Q: How do you run cables out of the NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures?

A:  We offer a stainless steel cable gland that is installed and located to your specifications. Ask about a Roxtec cable entry gland. As an alternative, you may run conduit through any of the enclosures.

Q: Do all of the stand-up pc enclosures come with castors?

A:  All stand-up enclosures come standard with locking front castors and rear swivel castors. Bolt Down Legs are an option for any of our stand-up enclosures. The legs are available in painted steel and stainless steel.

Q: Can I add rack channel to the bottom of a stand-up enclosure?

A:  Yes, 19″ square punched rack channel is sold in pairs for the stand-up enclosures. Fixed or adjustable rack channel rails are available.

Q: What are your enclosures constructed out of?

A:  The NEMA 12 and NEMA 04 computer, printer, and monitors enclosures are made of 12 gauge steel. NEMA 4X computer, printer, and monitor enclosures are made out of 304 Stainless Steel.

Q: Can I retrieve the print documents without opening up the bottom door of a stand-up enclosure?

A: Hinged Printer Doors (HPD) for desktop printers and Printer Paths (PP-XX) for label printers can be installed to your specifications.  This will allow you to retrieve your documents without opening the bottom door.

Q: Are full view windows available on the bottom door of a stand-up IceStation pc enclosure?

A:  Our standard bottom door is solid but all enclosures have the option for a Full View Bottom Door (FWD).

Q: Can I use a touch screen display in the IceStation enclosures?

A: Touch Screen displays must be panel-mountable to ensure the proper seal and keep dust/moisture out of the industrial enclosure.   The display manufacturer and model number are required to fabricate the custom Panel Mount Door (PMD).

Q: Can a computer enclosure be used in hazard area application?

A: All NEMA 04 and 4X IceStation enclosures can be used in hazardous areas. Based on the Classification and Division required, ITSENCLOSURES will apply the appropriate purge system to the enclosure.

Q: Can ITSENCLOSURES provide custom enclosures?

A: ITSENCLOSURES can modify an existing enclosure, such as changes to doors and windows for a minimal upcharge. We are also on hand to aid in the development and design of the enclosure solution that works best for your needs. Plus, we can customize the COLOR of your enclosure based on your brand’s RAL Color.

Q: How can I mount electronics inside of the IceStation enclosures?

A: Sub panels and filler panels can be installed in any of the IceStation and NetStation enclosures.

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