Industrial Keyboards & Pointing Devices

In manufacturing, downtime is never an option! For applications that require peripherals that can stand up to the rigors of dust, dirt and washdown environments, we recommend an industrial keyboard or pointing device.

Found frequently on factory floors, computer enclosures integrated with various automation devices, industrial keyboards and pointing devices can withstand the wet washdown cleaning methods of the food and beverage industry. Optimized for data input, the devices feature a stainless steel or polycarbonate case, non-corrosive plastic and silicone rubber keypads.

We also offer intrinsically safe and nonincendive products that are ideal for hazardous oil/gas and pharmaceutical environments. A truly reliable solution in the harshest conditions.

Additional options are available upon request. Call 1-800-423-9911 or email

  • Variety of products available
  • Usually 7-10 day lead time
  • More info, 1-800-423-9911 or
TIP-DU-5K-TP2 industrial keyboard icestation itsenclosures
TIP-DT-2000. industrial keyboard icestation itsenclosures
TIP-DU-1000 industrial keyboard icestation itsenclosures