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Chartiers Valley – Outdoor Kiosk

Established in 1956, The Chartiers Valley School District, made up of two boroughs and two townships, is located southwest of Pittsburgh in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. The western Pennsylvania school district has approximately 3,400 students and over 250 teachers. The district includes a high school, middle school, intermediate school, and elementary school.

A social studies teacher/department head at the high school discovered ITSENCLOSURES by performing a Google search for an outdoor, digital touchscreen kiosk. The teacher oversaw a project to organize and install a Vietnam War Memorial for former students who died in battle. The teacher downloaded the ViewStation brochure and was contacted directly by ITSENCLOSURES to learn more information regarding the outdoor digital kiosk application.

ITSEnclosure LCD Display kiosk viewstation touchscreen memorialPROJECT:
Eight high school students were given a class project to create a Vietnam War memorial kiosk for Chartiers Valley students that lost their lives in the line of duty. In addition to a Vietnam War plaque displayed next to World War II and Korean War plaques, the students wished to deploy a digital sign to display pictures and biographies of war heroes. The students wanted the digital signage kiosk to be touchscreen enabled for visitors to easily scroll through pictures of the seven fallen soldiers and read more about their biographies. Students raised funds and with the help of the school district, created a budget to fund the project.

A few issues arose during the planning phase, including the fact that Chartiers Valley was concerned with students vandalizing or sitting on the kiosk glass and cracking the touchscreen. The kiosk would also reside near to the football field and ran the risk of becoming damaged during sporting events/gym class. Weather conditions in the Pittsburgh area were also an area of concern, because of cold, harsh winters and hot, sunny summers. For this reason, thermal management was discussed at length, including the customer filling out a thermal management worksheet for a recommendation. The LCD enclosure was required to be operational 365 days a year.

After discussing a few options with ITSENCLOSURES, Chartiers Valley S.D. chose a pulpit style, wayfinding outdoor kiosk with projected capacitive touch foil featuring an NEC 46” high bright monitor, and a thermal management system to guarantee operation in direct sunlight. The touch screen glass is constructed out of heavy-duty, laminated safety glass to combat vandalism or destruction of property. The kiosk is installed next to a brick wall near various war memorial plaques. With the digital signage, students, teachers, and the local community have a permanent memorial to remember those that were lost. It serves as a constant reminder of the sacrifice of 7 hometown heroes.

To defray some of the costs associated with the digital signage solution, ITSENCLOSURES made a generous donation to the school district. The Vietnam War memorial digital signage kiosk and plaque were dedicated on the campus of the school on May 27, 2016 – the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The memorial serves to preserve the legacy of the seven men who died serving the United States during the war in Vietnam.


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