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The Mall at Partridge Creek – Digital Signage

The Mall at Partridge Creek was in need of digital signage for their outdoor courtyard.

In operation since October 2007, The Mall at Partridge Creek is an outdoor shopping mall covering approximately 640,000 square feet and located in Clinton Township, Michigan – a suburb of Detroit. The website for The Mall at Partridge Creek describes it as “an exciting open-air regional shopping center… It is home to nearly 90 distinctive stores (Nordstrom, Carson’s, The Gap, J. Crew) and restaurants. In addition, The Mall at Partridge Creek has amenities unique to malls in Michigan, including: bocce ball courts, free Wi-Fi, pop jet fountains, a TV Court, and a 30-foot fireplace.”

The Mall at Partridge Creek desired to have outdoor televisions, in a courtyard, to show advertisements and for shoppers to watch pro-sports games, like the Detroit Lions or Detroit Tigers. Partridge Creek found ITSENCLOSURES through an internet search for outdoor digital signage providers who could fabricate weatherproof lcd monitor enclosures, which could be viewed outdoors.

In the Summer of 2007, the Mall at Partridge Creek installed two 50-inch ViewStation Universal enclosures with 4,000 BTU air conditioners in its TV Court area. In 2014, the Mall at Partridge Creek decided it was time to upgrade the enclosures and LCDs.

One of the main reasons for replacing the enclosures was explained by Dennis Dettmer, Operations Director at The Mall at Partridge Creek, “The HVAC units were starting to fail, maintenance tracking showed more repairs yearly, and cost was a decisive factor. [However], the original units were very high-quality units [and] they performed admirably.” When the Mall at Partridge Creek desired to replace the 7-year-old enclosures with new LCD enclosures, ITSENCLOSURES suggested installing a more energy efficient, fan cooled, all weather unit. After reviewing the spec sheets and images from similar deployments, the Mall agreed to the technologically advanced enclosures and installation began in the summer of 2014. ITSENCLOSURES removed the original lcd monitor enclosures and installed the innovative, fan cooled units.

Temperature extremes and sun are always one of the main challenges that exist when deploying outdoor digital signage. The previously installed enclosures required air conditioners to combat against the warm and cold temperatures. Frigid temperatures during the winter posed a challenge, especially with the mall’s proximity to Lake St. Clair. The Mall at Partridge Creek management stressed the need for brighter displays for better visibility outdoors. In addition, ITSENCLOSURES was tasked to create a custom bracket to mount the new enclosure to the existing post. Partridge Creek also requested the solution incorporate weatherproof speakers in the enclosure.

Designed around the use of a 47-inch high bright LCD (2,000 nits), the fan cooled digital signage eliminate the need for a large air conditioner on the rear of the unit. The high bright monitors have a higher heat tolerance, and therefore do not require as much cooling power as earlier models. The new enclosure design eliminates considerable maintenance and contains a filter that only needs to be replaced every 3-5 years! With internal speakers, ITSENCLOSURES eliminated the need for separate pole mounted speakers, creating a sleek and modern solution. ITSENCLOSURES also added a humidity/temperature control and 400-watt heater to protect against Detroit weather extremes.

Dennis Dettmer, Operations Director at The Mall at Partridge Creek, is very pleased with the new LCD enclosures and explained that the high bright monitors are mainly used to display sporting events, but they also use them for another purpose, “They are advertiser driven. The sponsors’ messages are played at precise intervals.”


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