NEMA 4 IceStation TITAN Computer Enclosure panel mount door

Using a Touchscreen with a Computer Enclosure

NEMA 4 IceStation TITAN Computer Enclosure panel mount door with touchscreen

Using an interactive touchscreen – on a production floor – is quickly becoming the norm in factory environments. A touchscreen can eliminate the need for an industrial keyboard and mouse. For manufacturing users, it creates an efficient source for inputting data or keeping track of inventory.

Can a touchscreen be used in a NEMA rated computer enclosure? The answer is yes, but it does require special equipment.

For a touchscreen to function properly in a factory setting, it must be panel mounted and properly installed in a NEMA 12 (protection against dust, dirt, oil, fibers, lint, splashing fluids), NEMA 4 (protection against dust, dirt, oil, hose directed water, most weather conditions) or a NEMA 4X (protection against dust, dirt, oil, hose directed fluids, corrosive materials, most weather conditions) computer or monitor enclosure. To maintain the proper enclosure seal, the monitor must have the capability to mount to the front door of the enclosure. The front of the screen must be open and not behind glass or a window.

If the touchscreen (in conjunction with the enclosure) is exposed to water/liquids or needs to be washed down, the enclosure and touchscreen must be rated for NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X. If the front of the monitor cannot withstand water, a failure will occur, which could cause significant downtime and revenue.

In order to design a door for the touchscreen monitor, the enclosure manufacturer will need to know the make and model of the preferred touchscreen. A custom monitor door will need to be fabricated for the dimensions/specs of the touchscreen. Therefore, the enclosure door will be unique to the touchscreen specified by the customer. If the end user decides to use another touchscreen in the future, a new door will need to be designed and fabricated.

Upon delivery to the factory or manufacturing facility, proper installation will be quick and easy. The touchscreen will simply attach to the front of the panel mount door maintaining the required NEMA rating. Most reputable enclosure companies will mount the monitor before it ships to the end user.

When choosing a new touchscreen for a computer enclosure, it is vital to note what environment the enclosure and monitor will be installed. Always do the necessary research and choose the touchscreen that will work best for the computer being used, the specific situation and the harsh setting. Touchscreen technology will continue to advance and keep factories and industrial atmospheres running smoother and more efficiently. In the end, the enclosure will most likely outlast and outperform many different monitors over the years.