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Industrial Keyboards for Enclosures

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When working in an industrial environment, computers and keyboards are critical tools on the factory floor. However, not all keyboards can survive in a harsh, wet factory. Depending on the hazards encountered (dust, dirt, grease, corrosive materials, and liquids), an industrial keyboard is a great investment.

The most significant aspect for consideration when purchasing a dependable, industrial keyboard: Will the keyboard be protected and remain functional? Industrial keyboards must have the flexibility to withstand the most harmful surroundings. A failing keyboard is a failure in productivity.

The industrial keyboard’s NEMA rating should meet (or exceed) the same NEMA rating as the enclosure that houses the computer and monitor. With a waterproof, NEMA 4X rated keyboard, an end user will NOT have to remove (or protect) the keyboard during a heavy cleaning. This will make for a smooth washdown, which does not require a dismantling of the overall system. Valuable time will be saved during the cleaning process!

ISKS662220-04 nema 4 freestanding kiosk monitor computer enclosure icestation itsenclosures keyboardWith the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, industrial keyboards are also ideal in freezer and/or high heat locations.

Industrial keyboards are available in desktop or panel mount styles. A desktop keyboard can reside on a keyboard shelf or integrated enclosure drawer. Panel mount keyboards are especially ideal for mounting directly to the work surface on the computer enclosure. Panel mounting will provide security, because the keyboard will remain fixed to the enclosure.

It is important to note how the keyboard will be connected to the actual computer: USB, wireless or PS/2 connection. Wireless connections make annoying cables a thing of the past!

Do not forget to specify a pointing device. There are several industrial mice available on the market. However, many industrial keyboards are available with an integrated pointing device. A hula point, touch pad or track ball can be included in the keyboard. Choosing a keyboard that includes the pointing device will save money versus purchasing separate products.

Before purchasing an industrial keyboard, always perform the necessary research. Industrial keyboards combine the necessary ruggedness with the feel of a regular keyboard, often with standard keycap sizes and spacing.

Please consult with your ITSENCLOSURES representative for computer enclosure advice and accessories for your particular environment.