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Accessories for a Freestanding NEMA 4X Enclosure

Stainless Steel, NEMA 4X enclosures (304 or 316 SS with a NEMA 4X rating) are ideal for harsh, industrial environments where corrosive liquids pose a threat to electronic equipment. A NEMA 4X rating ensures that the enclosure is approved for indoor and outdoor use, and will provide protection against corrosion, dust, splashing fluids/liquids and hose directed water. In fact, most weather conditions (snow, rain, sleet) will not damage the enclosure. When planning an enclosure deployment, consider accessories that will maximize utility and provide the most effective solution for the user.

5 Common NEMA 4X Accessories

  1. Cable Entry Gland
    Using a cable entry gland provides an effective way to run cabling, wires, or cords into the enclosure without water or dirt entering the unit. The process is simple: multi-diameter, rubber modules, with a frame and a compression unit, are used to seal wire and cable penetrations (commonly 1, 4, or 9 cables). The frame can be installed by punching a hole through the wall of the NEMA 4X enclosure. Cables can be run through the modules (adjustable by peeling off layers), so that the diameter of the hole corresponds to the size of the cable or wire. Using lubricant, the modules are installed around the cables. Once the compression unit has been tightened, a tight seal is created.
  2. stainless steel computer enclosure TITAN USB Connectors ITSENCLOSURESWaterproof USB Connectors
    Connect a keyboard, mouse, handheld scanner, or even phone/tablet charger to the front of the freestanding enclosure with waterproof USB connectors. The units are installed by punching a hole into the enclosure and installing the USB connectors to the front or side of the enclosure body. The connectors are an excellent addition to an enclosure with an external keyboard tray or sloped work surface. When the USB cords are unplugged, a cap can be screwed into place to prevent tampering.
  3. Sanitary Legs
    Most freestanding computer enclosures are equipped with industrial-grade castors, but wheels are not always ideal for a heavy wash-down in the food processing or pharmaceutical environments. Castors can be removed and replaced with stainless steel sanitary legs. Sanitary legs offer product stability and additional height to the overall enclosure. During wash-down, legs make it easier to deeply clean under the enclosure. In some instances, stainless steel bolt down legs can be used to anchor the cabinet and provide a permanent installation on the factory floor.
  4. Industrial Keyboards
    Perfect for factory and manufacturing settings, NEMA 4X keyboards with pointing devices should also be considered when purchasing a freestanding enclosure workstation. High-impact, industrial keyboards will offer the ultimate protection against corrosive liquids. These rugged keyboards are usually enclosed in a stainless-steel case with silicone rubber keypads, which provide watertight seals. Most industrial keyboards can withstand wet, wash-down cleaning solvents used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
  5. Thermal Management
    Extend the lifetime of enclosed electronics with the proper cooling. When in a sealed enclosure, computers, printers, monitors, electronics, and peripherals generate heat. Heat will raise the ambient temperature inside the enclosure to a level that is higher than the recommended operating range. NEMA 4X thermal management options include air conditioners, heat exchangers, and vortex cooling units (requires compressed air). Heaters with a built in thermostat can also be added for frigid environments.

These 5 common industrial accessories are just a sampling of what can be added to a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure. When deploying an enclosure in a manufacturing or factory situation, NEMA 4X rated accessories help to provide an elevated level of protection and keep downtime to a minimum. As is always the case, time is money and a company cannot afford to have equipment fail, especially electronics.