Finding a Computer Enclosure to Protect Your Tower

I need to protect my computer tower – what is my best option? As technology progresses, it is more and more vital to have computers on the factory or plant floor.  However, if they are not properly protected in a computer enclosure, the shelf life of the computer could be very short. Dirt, dust, and even liquids can ruin a tower rather quickly and it will cost time and money to repair or completely replace.

Some applications may not require an “all-in-one” industrial enclosure that has enough space for the PC, monitor, keyboard or printer.  If all you need is to keep the PC safe, a desktop or tower computer enclosure will be your most efficient and cost effective solution.

If you don’t know where or what to look for, finding the right computer enclosure protection can be rather difficult.



When deciding on the best computer enclosure for your computer, you must decide on a NEMA rating.  1.) Will the computer be in a dusty, dirty area? 2.) Will water or corrosive materials be near the computer?  3.) Will you need to wash down the area on a regular basis? All of these questions need to be answered before deciding on a proper enclosure. For example, a NEMA 4X protects against dust, dirt, hose directed fluids, and harmful/corrosive materials, but a NEMA 12 only protects against dust, dirt, and splashing liquids.  You want to choose the right NEMA rating, because the price difference between a NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X enclosure can be quite drastic.


How hot or cold will the environment be on a regular basis?  This is an important question to tower computer enclosure icestation itsenclosures nema 12 protectionanswer, because your enclosure may need a fan system, air conditioning system, or even a heat exchange unit.  If the electronics inside the enclosure become overheated, you might have a dangerous problem on your hands. When deciding on the right enclosure for your needs, make sure you consider the ambient temperature in your factory or in your workshop area.  Also, research the heat (wattage) your PC will produce and operating temperatures the unit must perform within an enclosure. This information can be found on most manufacturers’ spec sheets.


Even in our world of technological advancements, computers still require cables, even if it’s only a few.  The computer enclosure should contain an entry for these cables and this entry must, again, protect the entire computer from harmful, outside elements.  A gasketed split panel or sealed cable gland entry will protect from dirt, dust, and liquid, and will keep all of the cables neat and organized.  


If you have various people in and out of your factory, it is always a good idea to choose a computer enclosure with lockable doors for safety and security.  A lock will also keep the door tightly closed, which will, again, ensure that dirt, dust, and liquids do not enter the enclosure.


After considering the aforementioned details, do not forget to measure the computer tower to ensure proper fit.  The dimensions are very important. You will need to measure the height, length and depth of your tower. Select a pc enclosure that has amble space for air flow and cable management.

Finding the right enclosure is important, because it will protect your computer and vital company information. Consider the amount of downtime your company will incur if the computer system fails. The implications have a trickle down effect that is not often measured when planning for deployment.  

When searching for the best option, make sure that it protects against dirt, dust, and liquids. Plus, consider the overall temperature, so that your computer doesn’t overheat and cause irreparable damage. Always do your homework and research what will work best for your company!