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Product Spotlight: NEMA 4X TITAN Computer Enclosure

Mt Pleasant, PA (August 5, 2021) ITSENCLOSURES (Integration Technology Systems) designs, engineers, and fabricates the most heavy-duty computer enclosures, monitor enclosures, printer enclosures, and rack/electronic enclosures on the market.

Designed specifically for heavy washdown environments, the NEMA 4X IceStation TITAN (IS603027-4X) enclosure body is constructed out of 14-gauge, type 304 stainless-steel and 12-gauge doors with a #3F vertical finish. The computer enclosure stands 60” high by 28” wide by 27” deep, with a sloped top for cleaning and water run-off.

The stainless-steel TITAN’s lower portion provides ample space to house a computer, printer, UPS, power supply, and additional electronics. An adjustable shelf, attached to uni-strut, is standard and can be used for easy placement of electronics. The rear door (50.95” high by 24.85″ wide) is ideal for accessing the back of the electronics stored inside of the enclosure. The lower front door (27.45” high by 24.85″ wide) and rear door feature lift-off hinges for easy door removal, quarter turn, knob-style compression latches, and dual durometer EPDM gasket to ensure a water-tight seal.

NEMA 4X TITAN - Stainless Steel Computer Enclosure - ITSENCLOSURES“Over the past few years, the stainless-steel IceStation TITAN has become one of our best selling NEMA 4X enclosures,” exclaimed JT Spangler, President and Owner of ITSENCLOSURES. “The NEMA 4X TITAN’s stainless steel body – with almost no ‘nooks and crannies’ – makes it the perfect computer enclosure for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry. Available in NEMA 12, 4, and 4X, our IceStation TITAN enclosures are heavy-duty, built to last computer enclosures and are a robust addition to any factory, plant, or distribution facility.”

The large viewing window is available in tempered safety glass or a polycarbonate plastic. The monitor door is hinged at the bottom and folds down to accept up to a 24-inch monitor. An adjustable monitor shelf, with popular VESA mounting patterns, is included for monitor installation. Below the monitor, the NEMA 4X TITAN computer enclosure has a sloped work surface with a 5-degree slant, for a keyboard, mouse, switches, or to simply use as a desk/writing surface.

Heavy-duty, swivel casters are a standard feature. When the enclosure is in its desired location, the front casters lock into place. For areas that require a stationary workstation, stainless steel bolt down legs or stainless steel sanitary legs can be installed in place of the castors.

Customize the NEMA 4X TITAN with accessories, including sliding shelf brackets, 19” wide rack mount rails, waterproof USB ports (for outside connections), a sealed cable entry gland, a power strip, a sub-panel, an industrial keyboard or various thermal management options, such as a heat exchanger, outdoor filtered fan system, or vortex cooling unit.

Proudly ‘Made in the USA,’ ITSENCLOSURES ships its innovative products completely assembled and ready to use upon delivery.