Puratos Corporation – Computer Enclosures

Puratos Corporation was in need of computer enclosures for their plants.

Puratos is an international company, which has been in business for almost 100 years, dating back to its original founding in Brussels, Belgium. The American corporate headquarters are in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with additional locations in New Jersey, Oregon, Wisconsin, California, Florida, and Washington. Specializing in desserts and the like, Puratos is a premium supplier of products that compliment baking, pastry, and chocolate products. According to the Puratos website, “Products and services are available in more than 100 countries around the world, and in many cases actually produced there by our subsidiaries. Clients are artisans, industry, retailers and food service.”

In January of 2014, Puratos was in the initial stages of planning a merger of two of its plants and required heavy-duty computer enclosures to house vital electronics. After searching online for pc and printer enclosures, Puratos found ITSENCLOSURES and reached out for initial enclosure options and ballpark pricing. After engaging with Puratos, ITSENCLOSURES made the decision to travel to New Jersey to evaluate the project in person.  

The Puratos location in Pennsauken, New Jersey was in the process of merging two manufacturing plants and were determined to upgrade their enclosure equipment. They desired a freestanding enclosure to house a barcode printer, computer, keyboard, scanner, mouse, and a wide screen monitor. Puratos was also interested in ITSENCLOSURES’ line of flat panel monitor enclosures, which can be bolted to a wall, pedestal, or arm.

ITSENCLOSURES toured the Puratos plant in February of 2014 to assess the challenges and assist with the development of a viable solution. Part of the plan required computer enclosures to protect against dust and dirt, while another plan required stainless steel to withstand a wash-down environment. One of the biggest challenges: Puratos is a food production company and must maintain the utmost cleanliness throughout the factory.

After visiting the plant, ITSENCLOSURES made the recommendation to deploy the NEMA 12 IceStation TITAN freestanding enclosure in areas that did not require a heavy washdown. Each Puratos enclosure houses a barcode printer, computer, and a wide screen format monitor. ITSENCLOSURES also provided a side mounted enclosure to house a hand-held barcode scanner, installed on the right side of the cabinet. An industrial, heavy-duty keyboard/hula point combo mounts to the sloped work surface.

The second solution involved a customized stainless steel operator interface enclosure, which mounts to existing swing arms already installed throughout the plant. ITSENCLOSURES provided custom, flat topped IO28268-4X monitor enclosures with touchscreen cutouts. The touchscreen cutout was factory installed in the IO28 door at ITSENCLOSURES prior to shipping. Previously, Puratos purchased a competitor’s NEMA 4X enclosure that required an ‘in the field’ modification to install the panel mount touchscreen. ITSENCLOSURES’ solution was, therefore, more efficient and saved Puratos money in the long run.

The expansion project took place for most of 2014 and continued into 2015-2016. A second phase of the project (Spring of 2015) included stainless steel IO292813-4X flat panel monitor enclosures (accommodating up to a 25” widescreen monitor), which mount directly to the wall.

JT Spangler, CEO and Owner of ITSENCLOSURES, was pleased with the outcome of the project, “I enjoy the opportunity to visit a plant for a firsthand look at the operation and discuss a solution for specific needs. Puratos is an outstanding company to work with and we enjoyed watching everything come together. This project adds another successful installation to the ITSENCLOSURES portfolio!”


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