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Creating the Perfect TITAN Computer Enclosure

Looking for a computer enclosure that can house a monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer, and barcode or desktop printer?

Meet the NEMA 12 IceStation TITAN computer enclosure by ITSENCLOSURES! Measuring at 60-inches high, 30-inches wide, and 27-inches deep, the 14 gauge steel (with 12 gauge doors) TITAN pc enclosure is an all-in-one industrial workstation that will protect your PC and electronics from dust, dirt, grease, contaminants, and light splashing fluids.

icestation TITAN itsenclosures computer enclosure workstationOut of the box, the TITAN (IS603027-12) computer enclosure includes:

  • 24-inch tempered safety glass viewing window (polycarbonate window also available)
  • Adjustable monitor shelf with VESA mount
  • Integrated keyboard drawer with ergonomic wrist-rest and sloped work surface
  • Key locking latches
  • Industrial casters and gasketed split panel for cable entry
  • Available in Blue, Gray, Black, or any Custom RAL color of your choice (additional charge)!

These are all very convenient features, but what additional options are available to create the ‘Perfect TITAN’ computer enclosure for a manufacturing environment?

Accessories to Consider:  

  1. Thermal Management – A filtered fan system, air conditioner, heat exchanger or vortex cooling unit can be added to the IceStation TITAN. If unsure which system best suits your manufacturing needs, please consult an ITSENCLOSURES representative for a cooling recommendation.
  2. Bolt Down Legs – All TITANs come equipped with industrial casters that enable the enclosure to be mobile. The front casters are lockable for positioning the enclosure in its desired location. If the TITAN needs to be anchored into place, bolt down legs can easily replace the casters.
  3. Surge Protector/Power Supply – Every TITAN needs power! Adding a 6 outlet surge protector to the inside of the TITAN will enable a user to plug in various electronics, including printers, monitors and computers. Plus, add a simple 10 foot power supply cord to easily reach an outlet.
  4. External Shelf – Add a folding or stationary fixed shelf to either side of the TITAN for paperwork, file folders, an extra work space, or any other vital accessory needed to ‘get the job done’ on a daily basis. The shelf’s weight capacity is approximately 75 pounds.
  5. Printer Access Door – Installing a printer inside of the TITAN? Consider adding a hinged printer door. The printer access doors will allow easy access to printouts/labels, without having to open the enclosure door. The location of the desired printer door can be installed based on the height and size of the printer.
  6. Sliding Shelf Brackets – The TITAN includes a fixed, adjustable shelf for electronics. Consider adding sliding shelf brackets for easy access to the printer, computer or other various electronics that will reside in the TITAN. The sliding shelf is especially helpful when accessing a printer to change media/labels.

We can talk about the benefits of the TITAN all day, but sometimes it is just better to watch an informative product  video.