4 Items to Check During an Outdoor Digital Signage Site Survey

ViewStation Digital Menu Board at Dairy Queen - ITSENCLOSURES

When planning an outdoor digital signage project, how important is a site survey?

Many digital signage installations are retrofits of existing sites and most Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)/fast food stores will require prep work to install an outdoor digital menu board or digital presell board. When preparing for your project, a site survey is extremely vital and will eliminate any unnecessary guesswork. There are a number of items to consider during the site survey to ensure a smooth transition from static to vibrant digital menu boards.

    • Cable Run:
      Determine what cabling is required for running the content  – CAT5 vs. Rapid Run. It is important to understand who will be providing the cabling at the site. During the site survey, the installer will be able to provide an estimate as to how much cabling will be necessary. A wireless antenna or mobile data may also be an option.
    • Power Sources:
      Most existing static menu boards only require 1 outlet. Outdoor digital menu boards will require additional dedicated power outlets (voltage and amperage depends on enclosure solution). Determine who will be responsible for running the additional outlet(s) to the site.
    • Footer & Pad:
      Evaluate the existing concrete pad and footer pattern. Determine if the existing footer and pad are acceptable or if additional work will need to be completed. Detailed footer specifications are most likely available on an enclosure data sheet.
    • Identify Equipment On Site:
      Identify who is responsible for removing the static menu board. If the installer is responsible, make sure the right equipment is available on the day of the install. What equipment is necessary for installing the outdoor digital signage?

It is helpful to have all the items listed above lined up prior to the installation day. The right cabling and power run to the menu board pad, in advance, will allow for an easier installation! However, it is possible to complete the items above during the menu board install. Just remember to factor in these items when estimating how long the installation will take during the day and/or overnight.

The majority of Quick Service Restaurants will request that the installation occur during off hours (usually through the overnight). Proper planning will help the installation go smoothly and quickly to ensure your drive-thru is up and running with the sleek, cool digital menus before the breakfast coffee rush.