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ITSENCLOSURES Introduces 55” Outdoor Digital Signage

Mt. Pleasant, PA (April 8, 2019) – Since 2007, ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES has been successfully manufacturing outdoor digital signage for various restaurants, museums, stadiums, and transportation sectors across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. To stay ahead of the competitive and ever-evolving digital race, ViewStation is introducing an all-new product – The ViewStation VS-6. The innovative system revolutionizes outdoor signage and is currently available in one screen or two screen configurations.

With a custom, built-to-last base, the sixth-generation digital signage is designed for a smooth and uncomplicated deployment. A customer would only need to run a 30-amp cord to the signage. The outdoor rated (IP56 certified) monitor offers protection against snow, rain, ice, and salty air. The VS-6 can be integrated into virtually any outdoor environment!

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VS-6 Digital Signage Features:

  • Ultra small footprint in drive-thru
  • Low maintenance/Low energy consumption
  • 55-inch, high bright outdoor LCD monitor
  • Eye-catching visibility – in direct sunlight
  • No Air Conditioner, No Fan Needed!
  • No crane for installation
  • Only need one 120V circuit
  • Easily viewed with polarized sunglasses

“Our company has been installing digital signage across the United States, Canada, and even the Caribbean for over twelve years and our solutions continue to improve and advance,” said JT Spangler, President and Owner of ITSENCLOSURES, “Our latest generation is simply stunning! The 2,500-nit, high bright LCD monitor looks incredible outdoors in the sunshine. I can honestly say that it is impressive to view at any point in the day; morning, noon, and especially night.

The dynamic VS-6 digital signage has serviceability, behind the lockable rear door, for easy access to important assets, like the media player and surge protector. The monitor can easily be installed on the front of the heavy-duty mount.

ViewStation’s solution incorporates an outdoor monitor with a built-in, inaudible air moving system that allows functionality from -22° to 122° F, even in direct sunlight.

Mr. Spangler added, “Our new moto around the office is that ‘we bring videos to life’ outdoors. The goal is to continue to do so for many years to come. I still feel like digital signage is in its infancy.”

The 6th Generation digital signage is currently being tested on the outdoor ITSENCLOSURES test pad and will be ready for deployment across the country and around the world in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

ViewStation by ITSENCLOSURES has over a decade of experience in successful QSR deployments and offers a wide variety of digital signage board solutions.

For more information, visit the ViewStation VS-6 Product Page