Problems Printer Enclosures Solve for Printers

By deploying printer enclosures with the correct thermal management, a Zebra printer can operate in a multitude of areas. Many Zebra printers use a process called “thermal transfer” to produce small or large high-quality prints on labels. The innovative method uses a precise heated ribbon to create long lasting images on the surface of a label or tag. Zebra printers can create robust wristbands, colorful cards, product identification tags, or certification labels.

With the versatility to create durable labels, it is natural for manufacturers, distribution centers, or warehouses to utilize these printers on the factory floor. However, not all areas are created equal! 

Coolers, refrigerators, chillers, or freezer conditions can cause the following issues:

  1. Warning – Temperature Drops Below 59°F

When the ambient temperature of the facility drops below 59°F, Zebra printers will display a warning message. Although the actual printer is not at risk of any permanent damage, the print quality may degrade or the printer will slow down considerably – based on the colder ambient temperature.

  1. Error – Print Heat is Too Cold pb202024-12 printer enclosures icestation itsenclosures zebra printer

If the printer is close to a loading dock or an outside gate/garage door, it is susceptible to less than ideal operating temperatures. Essentially, the printer detects that it is unable to heat the printer head to a high enough temperature to print labels and simply ceases to work. In addition, if the environment is too cold, Zebra printers will display an error or shut down if the electrical or battery output drops to a low enough voltage level.

  1. Condensation

When a piece of electronic equipment is used in a cooler or freezer environment, condensation may occur. If the printer is moved in and out of a cold setting, water droplets can form, causing issues with the printer. The display screen may even be difficult to read.

The solution – A thermostatically controlled heated printer enclosure!

By deploying printer enclosures with the correct thermal management, Zebra printers can operate in a multitude of areas, as well as, extreme outdoor weather conditions. The printer enclosure will provide a reliable operating environment for the barcode printer no matter where the device resides in the factory. According to the blog, ‘Cool Solutions for the Cold Chain,’ “Label printing solutions, for instance, need purpose-built heater boxes to ensure printer functionality and also to keep the media at an effective application temperature.” The correct enclosure solution can translate into fulfilling more orders per day or increasing accuracy and productivity in a challenging area. A Zebra printer enclosure will serve as a permanent fix and eliminate the issue of harmful condensation.