3 Areas Printer Enclosures Protect Zebra Printers

Deploying a NEMA-rated printer enclosure will allow a Zebra barcode printer to be installed in a multitude of areas. At busy warehouses and distribution centers across the country, barcode tracking has been actively used for decades. It is how companies do business in the digital age. However, not every environment is created equal! Less than ideal conditions may make the use of a Zebra barcode printer especially challenging in a manufacturing setting.

Luckily, there is a perfect solution! Deploying a NEMA-rated printer enclosure will allow a Zebra barcode printer to be installed in a multitude of areas that would normally be out of reach. With the help of a printer enclosure, manufacturers can print labels with ease in the following 3 harsh locations.

1. Cold, Freezer Environments

To create the proper thermal transfer on a label, Zebra printers require a regulated temperature of 32°F to 104°F. Thus, using a printer in a sub-freezing area is virtually an impossible task without some sort of heat source. Installing the printer inside of a sealed printer enclosure – with a supplemental heater – will ensure the appropriate operating temperature is maintained inside of the enclosure. Users are able to print labels quickly and efficiently. In addition, a NEMA 12 enclosure will eliminate the issue of bothersome condensation in freezer areas. Condensation occurs when the printer is moved in and out of a cold environment. The printer enclosure allows for a permanent printer solution.

2. Dirty Environments

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Production areas that are especially dirty or dusty will also affect the performance of a Zebra printer. Dust and dirt can cause a void or misprint numbers/letters on the label, which could be detrimental when shipping products. In order for the thermal transfer to work correctly, the ribbon needs to be extremely clean and free of ANY dust particles. Signs of a problem include: a wrinkle in the ribbon, light or faded text, white spots, or even a broken ribbon. Again, the best solution is to install a NEMA 12 barcode printer enclosure. A properly sealed enclosure will ensure outside particulate matter is kept far away from the printer and therefore allow the printing process to operate in its fully intended capacity.

3. Wet, Wash-Down Environments

Generally speaking, water and electronics do not mix!  A stainless steel, NEMA 4X printer enclosure will solve the problem of deploying a printer in a harsh, wash-down environment. NEMA 4X printer enclosures will protect the printer against water, including dripping, hose directed, or splashing fluids. The printer will also be protected and shielded from abrasive chemicals that are often used in a wash-down procedure.   


In the beginning, it may seem as though a printer enclosure solution is costly and out of budget. However, in the long run, it will save time, money, and will keep expensive printers guarded and safe from harm. Therefore, the installation locations of a Zebra printer are limitless with the right printer enclosure. Conduct the proper research and find the enclosure solution that will work best in your work environment.