ITSENCLOSURES is Exclusive Salad Bar Kiosk Provider for Jason’s Deli

Mt. Pleasant, PA (February 7, 2017) – In 2013, ITSENCLOSURES began deploying salad bar ordering kiosks at Jason’s Deli restaurants across the country. The stand is designed around Jason’s Deli’s existing ‘Point of Sale’ system and provides ease of use for customers to order a salad with all of the fixings, various drinks, and hot soup. Jason’s Deli, a gourmet sandwich shop with wholesome ingredients and a large salad bar, serves fresh and hearty food in over 260 delis in 29 states.

In the summer of 2013, Jason’s Deli contacted ITSENCLOSURES to discuss the design and fabrication of a one-of-a-kind unit, for the company’s popular salad bar, to house the restaurant’s point of sale terminal and small receipt printer.

ITSENCLOSURES developed a custom freestanding kiosk that features a sliding shelf for the printer and lockable front door for additional security. Jason’s Deli purchased a prototype for evaluation. After the initial installation was implemented successfully, Jason’s Deli began deploying units in restaurants across America.

jasons deli salad bar kiosk by ITSENCLOSURES“Jason’s Deli is one of our many success stories. ITSENCLOSURES’ engineering team always produces products that are both functional and protective. LCD enclosure products can be custom engineered for any customer’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of enclosure design and will continue to innovate with our solutions,” said JT Spangler, President of ITSENCLOSURES.

The POS (point of sale) system, mounted on the front of the stand, features a touchscreen display, credit card reader and a receipt printer, enabling customers to pay right through the point of sale system. Customers have the ability to order salad, soups, drinks, and other healthy food items.

Madison Boozer, Media Relations Manager at Jason’s Deli, stated, “The salad bar is our most popular menu option. Because the guest picks up a plate and makes their own salad, there are no modifications available on this entrée, which makes it easy to order with the touch of a button. Adding the kiosk to the salad bar was helpful to the customer and sped up the order process for customers during the lunch and dinner rush.” Boozer continued, “The kiosk allows guests – who would like the salad bar – to skip the line, letting them enjoy their meal at their own pace.”

The stands are installed at Jason’s Deli restaurants throughout the United States (15 states to date), including locations in Chicago, IL, Omaha, NE, Cranberry Township, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Austin, TX, and Hampton, VA. In all, ITSENCLOSURES has deployed the system to over 70 locations and this list continues to grow. Jason’s Deli plans to install additional units at new store builds and remodels opening in 2017 and beyond.

ITSENCLOSURES designs and builds the most durable electronic enclosures on the market and ships every one of its products completely assembled and ready to use upon delivery.

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