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FerraStone reached out to obtain pricing on a NEMA 12 tower computer enclosure and a NEMA 12 stand-up computer enclosure

According to the company’s website, “FerraStone’s expertise, since 1960, has been hand casting fine statuary. Custom sculptured lines range from religious statuary to beer tap handles. Each item is designed and manufactured under the expert direction of highly skilled artists and sculptors. Skilled craftsmen hand cast and hand finish each piece of statuary.” FerraStone is located in Newport, Kentucky.

Over 2 decades(!) ago, FerraStone discovered ITSENCLOSURES’ large line of NEMA rated computer enclosures by performing a search for dust-proof industrial enclosures. The president of FerraStone reached out to obtain pricing on a NEMA 12 tower computer enclosure and a NEMA 12 stand-up computer enclosure.

Because FerraStone manufactures statues and incense powders, they desired a freestanding computer enclosure to house a monitor, printer, and computer. A second enclosure was needed to house a tower pc and would be stored underneath a desk.

One of the biggest challenges: damaging dust and dirt in the air. FerraStone wished to maintain the utmost cleanliness throughout its facility and protect electronics and computers. The customer noted that, “there is so much dust, that it would have choked the fans!”

After reviewing various IceStation models, FerraStone deployed the IS562626-12 freestanding computer enclosure, which is rated NEMA 12 and protects against dust and dirt. The customer’s enclosure houses a computer, printer, and a monitor. The IS56-12 (powder coated blue) configuration includes 3 adjustable shelves, industrial grade casters, a keyboard tray, a rear split panel, lockable doors, lifting eye bolts to move the enclosure around with ease, and it can comfortably house a 21” monitor.

The second solution was an IP122826-12, which is also rated NEMA 12 and is designed to protect a tower computer. The IP12-12 (powder coated putty) features a lockable front door, power cord, and rear split panel for running wires and cables.

The customer continues to be very happy with both IceStation enclosures. They exclaimed, “The ITSENCLOSURES products kept virtually ALL of the dust from the computers. You could take a white glove and find no dust. [The enclosures] were installed in 1999 and it is now 2018 and they are still working fine!”



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