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How to Customize Computer Enclosures

It’s not just a simple steel box.

Enclosure manufacturers always strive to quickly ship the ideal cabinet to satisfy customers’ requests. The value added through flexibility and modifications can be very appealing if integrators work with a supplier that “can do it all.” When searching online for heavy-duty pc enclosures, integrators and project engineers often investigate outsourcing certain components of a computer workplace to help reduce costs and shorten delivery time. When deploying a new workstation or upgrading an existing enclosure system, designers must determine what type of computer enclosure will perform the best, and plan how components and wiring will come together to complete the project.

Best Practices for Enclosure Customization

1. Cutouts

IRWR72 RACK MOUNT ENCLOSURE rack channel IceStation ITSENCLOSURESPrior to an enclosure being populated with functional electronics, holes must be cut out and connections must be mounted. It is common for factories and panel shops to knockout or punch holes for a perceived ‘quicker’ turnaround and cost. This may lead to inaccuracy, especially if the factory or panel shop does not have the correct size of punch or bit. Finding an industrial enclosure company that has the skill and ability to modify an enclosure – before shipping – may eliminate hours of in-house measuring and cutting by hand. Enclosure companies make cutouts and custom modifications daily, and do so with great precision. Popular modifications include cable glands, liquid-tight conduit, and cutouts for knobs and push buttons.

2. Wiring

Wiring electrical outlets, fan systems, thermostats, air conditioners, and heaters can be time consuming for the inexperienced. Large jobs may require a completely turnkey solution with necessary wiring and cabling before deploying the computer enclosure in the field. If an integrator is purchasing a sizeable quantity of enclosures and drop shipping them directly to their customer, the enclosure solution must be ‘plug & play’ and ready to use upon delivery. Ask your enclosure manufacturers if outlets, thermal management and other electrical components are installed at the manufacturing facility before shipping. Properly sourced manpower will greatly reduce the final installation time on big projects.

3. Mounting

Internal components such as brackets, DIN rail, mounting track, unistrut, rack channel, and sub panels are vital for mounting switches and controls. If these items are pre-installed prior to delivery from the manufacturer, it will greatly reduce assembly time for your customer and will help them reach a ‘go live’ date. Again, coordination with the enclosure manufacturer will ensure that everything is installed properly and professionally. Manufacturers perform modification tasks regularly and employ proper installation procedures!

When it comes to industrial pc enclosures, many system integrators, engineers and buyers only consider the purchase price and not the entire package. An enclosure company’s reputation and experience can make all the difference! Over time, a great business relationship can be created between the integrator and manufacturer. Leveraging an enclosure manufacturers’ experience can help eliminate some of the ‘heavy lifting’ on behalf of the integrator and end user/customer. It is always best to research solutions on the market and discuss the project with enclosure experts.