NEMA 12 Freestanding Printer Enclosure (IS36-12)

A lot of necessary thought, time, and energy goes into protecting computer equipment, but don’t let that make you forget about the importance of the printer!

ITSENCLOSURES provides the NEMA rated quality you need for your unique printing application. NEMA 12 will protect against dust, dirt, splashing fluids, grease, lint, and fibers in the air.

Part Number: IS362626-12
Dimensions: 36” High x 26” Wide x 26” Deep
NEMA Rating: NEMA 12
Color Availability: 


  • Lockable front & rear doors for easy access to equipment
  • Tool-free rear split panel for cable entry
  • Two adjustable, vented shelves
  • Industrial-grade swivel castors
  • Full viewing window on front door
  • Always Made in the USA!