Freestanding Computer Enclosures

NEMA 12 TITAN Computer Workstation (IS603027-12)

NEMA 12 TITAN Hammerhead Dual Monitor Workstation

Engineered Software Products (ESP)

COMPANY SYNOPSIS: Engineered Software Products (ESP) began operation over 29 years ago as a traditional control systems integrator providing PLC, HMI, and plant floor information management solutions. Ten years ago, ESP expanded its capabilities and added engineered power solutions to its provisions, referred to as a turnkey electrical package, providing: Portable Prefabricated Electrical Building (eHouse) Electrical […]

NEMA 4 TITAN Computer Workstation

NEMA 12 TITAN Dual Monitor Enclosure

NEMA 12 Computer Workstation (IS602826-12)

NEMA 12 Freestanding Computer Enclosure (IS56-12)

NEMA 4 Freestanding Computer Enclosure (IS56-04)

NEMA 4X Freestanding Computer Enclosure (IS56-4X)